Schwach with new song „Tristesse“

SCHWACH have released the next song from the new album “Kälter” and in it they thematize the unstoppable aging, which also does not stop in front of the “youth crew punk” band.

“It’s not easy letting yourself not be crushed by the pressure of social expectations and not capitulating to the feelings of not belonging. On the contrary, to be a little proud to keep your thought space and understand it as a field of experimentation, to do things differently. That, too, becomes more and more difficult the older you get.

When you’re in your mid-twenties, it’s still easier to shit on everything and tell yourself that you’ll never live a stuffy life like your parents’ generation.

But if you look around, things often look different in your mid-30s: 40-hour work week, raising a family, home of your own. We all come from (figuratively speaking) small-town backgrounds, that are considered sheltered and largely happy. And sure, compared to many others, they are. But even though, for us there is something oppressive about the thought of returning to such small-town dreariness. The difference of mindset is always palpable in conversations. Often there is a feeling that the different ideas about one’s own future are irreconcilable. And it is bitter that friendships break up because you are so far apart that you no longer share anything.”

The album “Kälter” will be released November 11th, 2022

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30.10. Fehmarn – Kuttha
18.11. Bremen – BDP Haus
19.11. Hamburg – Rote Flora w/ Pogendroblem, Theilen, PMS Hitfabrik
20.11. Münster – Baracke
02.12. Erfurt – Hackebeil
03.12. Berlin – Tommyhaus