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PR & Promotion

online, print & radio promotion for bands and labels – developing your agenda and reaching your audience for the next release, tour, festival or project/campaign.

  • Elaboration or review of the promotion strategy and schedule
  • Review and/or creation of artwork, ads, posters, flyers etc.
  • Review and/or creation of press kit & EPK (Electronic Press Kit)
  • Review, optimization and co-support of online presence (landing page), social media channels and website of the artist/band
  • Targeted submissions to genre/scene-relevant fanzines and magazines for the purpose of creating release reviews (online & print)
  • Interview acquisition + coordination
  • News releases via media distribution list
  • Placement of videos in online magazines/blogs
  • Genre-relevant playlist pitching and marketing (Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, YouTube, …)
  • Creation of paid ad campaigns on social media channels
  • Creation of paid ads in relevant print magazines
  • Development and implementation of creative social media campaigns to increase reach and sales
  • Bi-weekly evaluations/ updates

Duration: Min. 3 months (start min. 2 months before release + 1 month after)

Radio promotion

  • Creation of radio-specific press kit & EPK (Electronic Press Kit)
  • News releases via radio distribution lists
  • Targeted submissions to genre/scene-relevant radios for the purpose of creating release reviews and generating plays
  • Bi-weekly evaluations/ updates

Concert / tour promotion

  • Submissions and news releases to local magazines and media
  • Coordination of poster, flyer and online advertising
  • Guest list co-ordination / requests for live reviews
  • Interview acquisition
  • ticket raffles

Digital Communication & Marketing

digital communication & marketing for bands and labels – wether it’s for the upcoming release or on a long term base. We’ll work on your digital streaming setup, website, online profiles & social medias to help you reaching your audience on the internet.

  • Landing pages / Smartlinks
  • Website review and optimization
  • Newsletter marketing
  • YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Soundcloud, bandcamp, … channel setup
  • YouTube video setup
  • YouTube paid ads
  • Social media profile setup & management
  • Paid ad campaigns on social media channels


A website is part of every artist’s professional appearance in addition to the usual social media channels to market your music. Not only can news and dates be presented on it, but it can and should also embed the music, present the release portfolio as well as biography and photos, bundle contact information (e.g. also to the booking or label), promote an own newsletter and – very important – also contain the EPK (Electronic Press Kit) and samples of the music for promotion. If you handle it really professionally, you also run or link your own webshop here.

  • Initial discussion about content-related ideas, design, functions, scope
  • Creation of an individual web design on the basis of the initial discussion based on WordPress, the open source content management system on which most websites worldwide are based
  • Live activation with desired top-level domain (.de, .com, .net, … – if available) and SSL certificate at our hosting-partner RAIDBOXES
  • Training in maintenance and use

The advantage of having your own band website is obvious: while the social media are used for regular output and to increase reach, your data there is in the hands (and goodwill) of the respective providers. Facebook and instagram followers cannot be transferred to other contact lists and are lost as soon as something happens to these accounts. Likewise, some important and central elements of your own representation cannot be realised exclusively with these services. With your own website, you not only have full control over your content and its presentation as well as a central contact point for people who want to find out about you, but you can also get in close contact with those listeners who are REALLY interested in you by means of exclusive content, campaigns & newsletters etc.. The homepage is the central starting and end point to reach your listeners.

Additional Options

  • Initial creation of graphics, texts and other content (EPK, biography etc.)
  • Future admin support
  • Future creation of news posts and content on the website



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Moscow Death Brigade – Flares are Burning
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Ipek Yolu – Tropical Anatolia
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Sounds of Subterrania

Fire and Flames Music