Schwach release first song from new album

‚Einzelfall‘ is the darkest and most angry song on the new SCHWACH album ‚Kälter‘. This not only applies to the music, but especially to the lyrics. It was created under the impression of almost daily new reports about how deeply rooted racist and fascist ideologies in the German police are. These things are not new, they have been happening for years. PoC die during police operations or in custody, right-wing police networks are exposed, 55,000 rounds of ammunition from state stocks were in the hands of a Nazi terrorist group that used them to plan attacks. Yet despite all this, politicians and the police deny the existence of racist structures in the state authorities and explain everything as individual cases. But the question “Who will protect us from the police?” has been a grim reality for many people in this country for years.

The album “Kälter” will be released November 11th, 2022

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