Upstartz Records x Moscow Death Brigade

Proud to announce that we will be responsible for the promotion of MOSCOW DEATH BRIGADE‘s new EP FLARES ARE BURNING, which will be released on 6 April 2021.

I have been working closely with Moscow Death Brigade for many years through my work with Fire and Flames. It all started in 2014 with the rather coincidental release of the HOODS UP EP, which quickly turned out to be a great stroke of luck. Actually, we only wanted to know from MDB where we could get their records, and when the answer was that the music was not yet available on vinyl or CD, we decided together to change that. The Hoods Up unexpectedly became probably Fire and Flames’ best-selling release and brought MDB a lot of notoriety within the European punk and hardcore scene. In 2018 the first full-length album BOLTCUTTER followed, we also took over exclusive merch sales for the band and in 2020 came the album BAD ACCENT ANTHEMS.

Now, on 6 April, a new EP from the band will be released on Fire and Flames Music and Rebel Sound Records, featuring MDB rapping on acoustic guitar riffs and Russian balalaika and folk music-inspired solos. Despite the move away from electronic beats and electric guitars, MDB retain their energetic attitude, with aggressive hip-hop rhymes and the whole gang bawling anthemic choruses. As always, the lyrics are inspired by street culture, graffiti and the fight against hateful ideologies and injustices, calling for unity while peppered with a variety of references from heavy metal and hip-hop artists to books, video games and movies. The vinyl will be available in May.

To help pass the wait, MDB yesterday released a new video for the song CROCDILE STYLE from their 2018 album Boltcutter.

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