Che Sudaka

Mestizo, Ska, Reggae, Punk | Barcelona (Colombia / Argentina)

The Colombian-Argentine band Che Sudaka, founded in Barcelona in 2002, is celebrating its 20th anniversary with the release of its tenth album “20 Años” (11.11.2022) and an extensive European tour under the motto “20 Years +”. A further 13 dates in Germany are scheduled for March 2023, and many of the concerts already played in winter were sold out.

Che Sudaka are among the international mestizo greats and delight their many fans with a unique blend of ska, punk, Latin American rhythms and authentic, political lyrics that make listeners think. The new album, which features Mal Elevé and La Pegatina among many other guests, follows on seamlessly from the previous nine albums, which have been hailed by critics as veritable festivals of styles, cultures and languages.

“We are very proud of our 20th anniversary and the new album,” says Kacha, the band’s singer. “It’s a time of looking back, celebration and gratitude for all the support and love our fans have given us over the years.”

The upcoming leg of the tour will take the band through 13 cities in Germany and give fans the opportunity to party with Che Sudaka. The band is known for their passionate stage presence and their ability to get the audience dancing and singing.

“We are very much looking forward to seeing our German fans again and celebrating with them,” said Sergio, accordionist and producer of the band. “The tour will be an unforgettable experience for everyone and we can’t wait to share our music and our message with you all.”

“20 Years +” – Tour

The next Che Sudaka Germany dates:

01.03.2023 DE – Reutlingen – Franz K
02.03.2023 DE – Heidelberg – Villa Nachttanz
03.03.2023 DE – Aachen – Musikbunker
04.03.2023 DE – Hannover – Faust
07.03.2023 DE – Dresden – Groove Station
08.03.2023 DE – Leipzig – Werk 2
09.03.2023 DE – Braunschweig – KUFA
10.03.2023 DE – Hamburg – Fabrik
11.03.2023 DE – Lübeck – Treibsand
14.03.2023 DE – Bremen – Lagerhaus
16.03.2023 DE – Koblenz – Café Hahn
17.03.2023 DE – Berlin – SO36
18.03.2023 DE – Augsburg – Ballonfabrik


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The entire tour has around 70 dates throughout Europe.


Founded in Barcelona in 2002, the Colombian-Argentinean band Che Sudaka is without question a cult band. With their optimistic and rebellious lyrics, their endlessly positive attitude and energy on stage and their highly recognizable sound mix of Latin American folklore, ska, reggae, punk and electronic elements, Che Sudaka has become one of the most popular bands in the alternative mestizo scene. And with over 2000 gigs in 50 countries, they are also one of the most booked! In 2023, the three brothers will be celebrating their 20th anniversary as a band. To mark the occasion, they have not only released a new album, but also a book that reflects the essence and history of the band in countless statements and to which their friend and fellow musician Manu Chao has contributed a warm-hearted prologue. And in 2023, the big anniversary tour will finally take place! Che Sudaka is rebellion, therapy and party. And anyone who has experienced a live concert by the band will believe in the good in people again!