DDM (Drowning Dog and Malatesta)

Berlin-based, made in California rap and producer duo DROWNING DOG AND MALATESTA, in short: DDM, have been creating musical rebellion against the unequal society and, as a cultivating part of the American and European radical rap scene, giving a voice to the people who are never heard since 2005. On May 12th 2023, DDM are back with their new album „Gen Pop“.

DDM create music and live sets that subvert genre, charting a new sonic map by synchronizing mutated hip hop, electronic beats and DD’s explosive stage presence. Described as „one of the most gifted rappers in politically minded hip hop that spits near-impossible phrases and rhythmic variations”, Drowning Dog’s stage presence is an explosion of hip hop with hardcore and punk attitude. Wandering between stage and audience, DD brings high passion anti-authoritanian class conscious lyrical gymnastics to the table and links it up in a perfect way with DJ Malatesta’s claustrophobic dark sound. Strongly influenced by Spectre and EL-P from Brooklyn, you could call their music a mash-up of the 90‘s Brooklyn illbient sound and recent electronic bass music.


DDM (Drowning Dog and Malatesta) – Gen Pop
UR003 | Album | 12/05/2023

DDM (Drowning Dog and Malatesta) – Takin’ Our Time
UR003-01 | Digital Single | 28/04/2023